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A Better Way (Single) – The Faith and Doubt Project | Official

A Better Way (Single)

A Better Way is a song composed and recorded over a period of only 3 days in September 2020. It all began with a bass line reminiscent of Peter Hook of New Order. Its New Order influence is also expressed with the rich strings and guitar playing style, which is great considering the disappointing (recent) release of Be A Rebel by New Order (video is put below) which is pure synthpop with a weak melody. What is this song about? The lyrics were composed on the fly to find the best possible type of phrasing, so the meaning of the song is plugged in afterward. The initial draft talked about “betting” on something or someone, so its up being about Pascal’s Wager: what I am willing to be my life on?

The video below as the lyrics, which otherwise would be hard to catch (another subtle tribute to New Order…)

Last but not least, this song is released in a bass-driven Radio mix and electronic-based Elektro Mix.

Below: A Single Release by New Order two weeks before A Better Way: