A Shallow Grave EP Release Date Confirmed

A new 2020 album (EP actually) entitled “A Shallow Grave” is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2020. It features 5 The Cure cover songs:

  • Charlotte Sometimes
  • Lament
  • Cold
  • Just One Kiss
  • The Top

I am not planning to release any more of these old cover songs (original songs are from 1981-1984) as my focus in 2021 will be to release remastered/recorded archive tracks as well as new kinds of recordings (other vocals, other styles).

I am very happy with the results on Charlotte Sometimes (lyrics video above), not that anything could improve on the original song and excellent live versions, but I like the idea of making old things new and fresh again. All of these songs originate from the same 80s years during which Smith and The Cure produced such compelling and original music.

I have discussed “The Top” elsewhere as being a song I wanted to love but which is so demanding mentally and musically that I felt compelled to give it a more accessible treatment. Smith’s lyrics on the Top (the album and the song) certainly had a mystical and spiritual aspect, perhaps revealing his struggle to let go of his childhood faith. “Jesus brilliant” and the entire “The Top” imagery is certainly very visual, and everyone can put his/her own meaning on the lyrics.