A Shallow Grave EP Release Date Confirmed

A new 2020 album (EP actually) entitled “A Shallow Grave” is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2020. It features 5 The Cure cover songs: Charlotte Sometimes Lament Cold Just One Kiss The Top I am not planning to release any more of these old cover songs (original songs are from 1981-1984) as my […]

Making a Cover: The Top (The Cure)

I doubt many people, even long-time Cure fans, listen to that song called “The Top” which concludes the album by the same name. It is not an easy song to listen to really, although I would like to love it and I think other people feel the same. This song has something profound about it, […]

Making a Cover: “Charlotte Sometimes” (The Cure)

“Charlotte Sometimes” is a single release by The Cure in 1981, just after Faith and before the dark and gloomy and awkwardly titled Pornography. It is very gothic-romantic sounding in every way, and utterly British (this being a compliment). Robert Smith often wrote lyrics based on books, in this case the eponymous Charlotte Sometimes by […]

A Better Way (Single)

A Better Way is a song composed and recorded over a period of only 3 days in September 2020. It all began with a bass line reminiscent of Peter Hook of New Order. Its New Order influence is also expressed with the rich strings and guitar playing style, which is great considering the disappointing (recent) […]

“I Miss John Denver” | A Unique FADP song

The Story “I miss John Denver” is a song written circa 2009, inspired by hearing John Denver songs during the summertime and realizing how forgotten and out of style he had become. I even come across an article entitled “John Denver: No longer a guilty pleasure” which I think tells it all. I can relate […]

The Him (A New Order Anniversary Cover)

The Story “The Him” is a song by New Order, track #6 on the band’s first LP entitled “Movement.” Probably composed in 1980 and released in 1981, it is considered as transitional, being a Joy Division style song, performed by New Order (sung by Bernard Sumner) with tom-driven drums by Stephen Morris and Peter Hook’s […]

TFADP Song: “You Are”

Videos (Cathedral Mix and Full Mix) Lyrics: well here i come without a proper song but you have called my name and so I live inside your secret dream but there I cannot find, the way out to your mind that always calls my name until i understand… that you are the only hope i’m […]

EP: “God is Everywhere”

Release information “God is Everywhere” (EP) will be the first official release in the “Faith & Doubt Project” collection, due out June 2020. It will feature 4 tracks: God is Everywhere | Cathedral mix (the zero-drums version with ) God is Everywhere | Acoustic mix (acoustic drums and guitars) God is Everywhere | Full Studio […]

A Spiritual Review: Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is an iconic band from the 1980s and 90s. Perhaps their best-known track is Enjoy the Silence, but they wrote a string of remarkable hits when they were at their peak including Master and Servant, Personal Jesus, Somebody and Blasphemous Rumors. I will take a detour here to notice and deplore that many […]

A Spiritual Review: Joy Division

Writing about faith and doubt and religion when it comes to the iconic band Joy division is surprisingly difficult. The lucky few who know the band with its tragic music and the equally tragic story will have in mind the suicide of the lead singer Ian Curtis. At least we can say this: the tragedy […]