The Him (A New Order Anniversary Cover)

The Story “The Him” is a song by New Order, track #6 on the band’s first LP entitled “Movement.” Probably composed in 1980 and released in 1981, it is considered as transitional, being a Joy Division style song, performed by New Order (sung by Bernard Sumner) with tom-driven drums by Stephen Morris and Peter Hook’s […]

TFADP Song: “You Are”

Videos (Cathedral Mix and Full Mix) Lyrics: well here i come without a proper song but you have called my name and so I live inside your secret dream but there I cannot find, the way out to your mind that always calls my name until i understand… that you are the only hope i’m […]

EP: “God is Everywhere”

Release information “God is Everywhere” (EP) will be the first official release in the “Faith & Doubt Project” collection, due out June 2020. It will feature 4 tracks: God is Everywhere | Cathedral mix (the zero-drums version with ) God is Everywhere | Acoustic mix (acoustic drums and guitars) God is Everywhere | Full Studio […]

TFDP Song: Anything But Silence

The Song in Context Anything but Silence was part of “The Cure is Us” collection of tracks. It was released in 2017 on the album “Around My Head.” It tells the story, sadly the true story, of a family who perished in a fire in Alaska. Only the father survived, and the song is about […]

Lyrics analyzed: The Cure – Lament

The song in context Lament was released as a special song for the UK magazine Flexipop in 1982. The final version was released as a B side for the successful single The Walk and eventually included in the compilation known as Japanese Whispers (1983). It is track number seven (that spiritual number!) on the record and was written by Smith […]

Poetry: Hope in God (Alfred de Musset)

I have often said that it would be worth learning French only for the reason of being able to read French poetry, of which Alfred de Musset is one of the many towering geniuses. There is also a wonderful book about him and his spiritual struggles called Le Mal du Ciel which I highly recommend. […]