A Spiritual Review: The Cure

I have written elsewhere that Robert Smith (who seems to have written all the lyrics for all the songs) is not a religious man and eventually expressed his detestation for religion as well as, amazingly and I think tragically, the “terror of faith.” Well, this was 1995 and it does seem that there has been […]

TFDP Song: Anything But Silence

The Song in Context Anything but Silence was part of “The Cure is Us” collection of tracks. It was released in 2017 on the album “Around My Head.” It tells the story, sadly the true story, of a family who perished in a fire in Alaska. Only the father survived, and the song is about […]

An Orthodox Band: Luxury

Luxury is a 90s band that is relevant here, not because of music affinity (there is none) but rather because of the spiritual journey. Their story was interesting enough to be covered by NPR and is worth watching in the movie “Parallel Love.” These guys experienced and mostly escaped disaster, found faith, become Orthodox Christians, […]