The Him (A New Order Anniversary Cover)

The Story “The Him” is a song by New Order, track #6 on the band’s first LP entitled “Movement.” Probably composed in 1980 and released in 1981, it is considered as transitional, being a Joy Division style song, performed by New Order (sung by Bernard Sumner) with tom-driven drums by Stephen Morris and Peter Hook’s […]

A Spiritual Review: Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is an iconic band from the 1980s and 90s. Perhaps their best-known track is Enjoy the Silence, but they wrote a string of remarkable hits when they were at their peak including Master and Servant, Personal Jesus, Somebody and Blasphemous Rumors. I will take a detour here to notice and deplore that many […]

A Spiritual Review: Joy Division

Writing about faith and doubt and religion when it comes to the iconic band Joy division is surprisingly difficult. The lucky few who know the band with its tragic music and the equally tragic story will have in mind the suicide of the lead singer Ian Curtis. At least we can say this: the tragedy […]

An Orthodox Band: Luxury

Luxury is a 90s band that is relevant here, not because of music affinity (there is none) but rather because of the spiritual journey. Their story was interesting enough to be covered by NPR and is worth watching in the movie “Parallel Love.” These guys experienced and mostly escaped disaster, found faith, become Orthodox Christians, […]

Artist in Review: Bry

Our goal here is to give as much visibility as possible to other great artists, both past and very present. Bry is an incredible artist who is able to combine being current and bring out the best of Irish and UK alt rock/pop. Here is miserable: