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Doubt – The Faith and Doubt Project | Official


Why “Faith&Doubt?”

To a large extent, this site is inspired by an entire album and song by the UK band The Cure, released in 1981.

The song “Doubt” is the ‘dark side’ of the other main track which is called “Faith”. Doubt is song #6 (#2 on the B-side), and I am pasting below: (1) the lyrics (2) a video of the album version (3) a video of “Faith” being performed live.

There are two related songs by New Order released in which are called “Doubts Even Here” and “Murder” (see very bottom page), equally important and significant: “they have murdered their own conscience…”

This song, as part of a person’s struggle with faith and doubt, serves as the basis for this project with its associated music, poetry, blog, and reflections (“Reflections” was the name given to The Cure concert’s featuring the album Faith played in its entirety).

The Cure | Doubt | Lyrics (excerpts)

Stop my flight to fight
And die
And take a stand to change my life
So savage with red desperation
I clench my hands
You draw your claws
A hidden rage consumes my heart
Fueled by years of wasted time
I close my eyes
And tense myself
And screaming
Throw myself in fury over the edge

I stop and kneel beside you
Drained of everything but pain
Screaming throw myself in fury
Over the edge and into your blood

The Cure | Doubt | Videos

Below: Doubt with lyrics video

The Cure Doubt – Performed in Sydney, 2011

New Order: Songs “Doubts Even Here” and “Murder”

Below: “Murder” performed live by Peter Hook and the Lights (2017)