“I Miss John Denver” | A Unique FADP song

The Story

“I miss John Denver” is a song written circa 2009, inspired by hearing John Denver songs during the summertime and realizing how forgotten and out of style he had become. I even come across an article entitled “John Denver: No longer a guilty pleasure” which I think tells it all. I can relate to the subtitle “SONGS THAT DAD PASSED ONTO ME LIVE ON IN MY HEART…”


remember how it used to be
the gentle spring, the autumn wind
something peaceful in the air
we were heading
to the summer camp

it’s a story that could never die
Alaska glows in the winter sky
adventures with the family
with john’s singing
what a memory

well i guess that i can tell you now
it may sound more than a little sad
if i have to write, an apology
in world that’s going mad
can I still play?
John Denver
cause I miss
John Denver

it seems a hundred years have past
the record’s broken it cannot play
the voice is silent people say
the singer’s forgotten
never played

nobody wants to write a song
about the sunshine or the farm
the country road leads to nowhere
or a shallow grave in the ocean floor


well i guess that i can tell you now
it may sound more than a little strange
i miss his voice in the winter wind
the sense of freedom that i used to feel
how i miss
John Denver
don’t you miss
John Denver…