Making a Cover: The Top (The Cure)

I doubt many people, even long-time Cure fans, listen to that song called “The Top” which concludes the album by the same name. It is not an easy song to listen to really, although I would like to love it and I think other people feel the same. This song has something profound about it, and a mysterious reference to “Jesus brilliant.” Amazingly, the band has often performed this song which is considered to be for the “initiated.” After all, The Cure became widely accessible and popular long after The Top.

So this one song I thought I could do somewhat differently, by making the bass sound less dissonant and the chorus more like a classic chorus.

The Lyrics

“I don’t care”
If only I could say that
And not feel so sick and scared
“I don’t care”
If only I could say that
If only my eyes would close…
“It’s Jesus brilliant”
You used to laugh
“Walking these gorgeous blocks…
This top is the place
Where nobody goes
You just imagine
You just imagine it all… ”
Every day I lie here
And know that it’s true
All I really want is you
Please come back
Please come back
Like all the other ones do…
Please come back
All of you…