New Album: A Different World

‘A Different World’ should be available everywhere in January 2022. It will feature (as usual) cover versions from The Cure (the album title is from Charlotte Sometimes) and New Order.

The long-time project to cover New Order’s classic track 1963 lead to the re-recording of 1969 (written in Los Angeles in 1991-1992), a lost track which had to be rewritten from scratch and bits of memories…

The likely track listing is:

  1. Charlotte Sometimes (2021 Studio Sessions)
  2. A twinkle of Time (Factory Tribute Mix)
  3. 1963 (Manchester Tribute Mix)
  4. 1969 (Barham Blvd Mix)
  5. 1975 (Original Acoustic Mix)
  6. Innocent (2021 New Voice New Mix)
  7. Destiny (2021 Studio Sessions)
  8. Hello (2021 Studio Sessions)
  9. The Top (“Jesus Brilliant” Mix)
  10. A twinkle of Time (Duran Square Mix)
  11. A twinkle of Time (Acoustic Tribute Mix)
  12. 1975 (Electronic Summer Mix)
  13. 1975 (My Muse Guitar Mix)


“1975” is part of the trilogy 1963 (New Order cover) followed by 1969 and then 1975 which was inspired by the band of the same name.