A Spiritual Review: Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is an iconic band from the 1980s and 90s. Perhaps their best-known track is Enjoy the Silence, but they wrote a string of remarkable hits when they were at their peak including Master and Servant, Personal Jesus, Somebody and Blasphemous Rumors. I will take a detour here to notice and deplore that many […]

A Spiritual Review: Joy Division

Writing about faith and doubt and religion when it comes to the iconic band Joy division is surprisingly difficult. The lucky few who know the band with its tragic music and the equally tragic story will have in mind the suicide of the lead singer Ian Curtis. At least we can say this: the tragedy […]

A Spiritual Review: New Order

There is a vast difference between the lyrics penned by Ian Curtis for Joy division songs and the lyrics produced by Bernard Sumner for New Order. Ian Curtis is more comparable to Robert Smith and what I would call Gothic romantic poetry and prose. To put it plain, there is nothing gothic in New Order, […]

A Spiritual Review: The Cure

I have written elsewhere that Robert Smith (who seems to have written all the lyrics for all the songs) is not a religious man and eventually expressed his detestation for religion as well as, amazingly and I think tragically, the “terror of faith.” Well, this was 1995 and it does seem that there has been […]